At El Colmado we reinvent ourselves and bet on Spanish takeaway food. Take the best of Spanish gastronomy home!

After the successful reopening, with all the safety and hygiene measures, in El Colmado we continue to reinvent ourselves. Although it is a beautiful ideal, perhaps somewhat melancholic, that of keeping a place in Berlin to offer the best products of Spanish gastronomy, we want Spanish tapas to continue to be enjoyed even more in the German capital in these moments of uncertainty and adaptation. Therefore, we offer them both pick-up and take-away through Lieferando. It is another alternative to enjoy the best Spanish restaurant in Berlin.

Until now, at home, you could discover the highest quality and tastiest foods of Spanish gastronomy thanks to the gourmet products that we offered in El Colmado. With this new initiative, we are also promoting that Spanish gastronomy is still more accessible than a tapas bar in Berlin, since you can order online or pick up the most appealing dishes to you.

However, we want to remind you that we continue open. Our magnificent terrace has been adapted so that the stipulated safe separation is kept and you can enjoy Alexanderplatz where, the Spanish restaurant in Berlin, El Colmado, is located. Preferably on our website or by phone, you can book a table. It is a recommended action that we greatly appreciate as serves to achieve a greater organization that ensures the recommended social distancing, as well as avoiding small and brief unnecessary crowds.




Our menu is still as varied as tasty; you can delight yourself with as appetizing dishes as paella, chorizo in cider or a Mediterranean salad. The choice of all the tapas that are on the menu are also at your total disposal: Empanada, Padrón peppers, croquettes with Iberian ham, wrinkled potatoes with Mojo Picón…are some of the examples with which you will begin to feel the irresistible call for appetite. Iberian ham or Serrano ham deserves a separate point, the star product for its flavour and history. You can taste it in some dishes, such as in our broken eggs, or accompany it with other ibéricos such as the selection of Spanish cheeses we offer. All these dishes or tapas can be accompanied with the corresponding drink: from sublime Spanish wines to the most refreshing Sangrías. Don’t hesitate, contact us, El Colmado, the wonderful tapas bar in Berlin, to enjoy Spanish cuisine at home.


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