Do you want to help us continue with our “Meal for Meal” model? Enjoy the best Spanish tapas and help us keep changing the world!

At El Colmado we like to reinvent ourselves and bet on the forefront of Spanish gastronomy. In this sense, we have always wanted the most characteristic dishes of Spanish gastronomic culture to be faithfully represented in the Spanish restaurant in Berlin of reference: El Colmado. For this purpose, we have made very sure that all the Spanish regions are represented in our menu. We can discover Galicia with its Empanada or the Padrón peppers. But we also get closer to less gastronomically known places, such as the Canary Islands with their wrinkled potatoes with mojo Picón. In this beautiful dream of the Spanish tapas flooding Berlin’s palates, Iberian ham or Serrano ham could not miss. Thus, we offer the possibility of a professional ham knife cutter to be the host in a magnificent event or, alternatively, that you can take home such a precious product after some majestic cuts.

We want to bring Spanish gastronomy culture closer to a city as wonderful as Berlin. Therefore, we also offer the possibility that you can purchase the gourmet products we import and you can taste them home. In fact, as exciting news in these atypical times, you can enjoy the dishes of our menu at your place since we offer both pick-up and take-away food through Lieferando.



Fulfilling the dream of having Spanish tapas recognized in the central streets of the German capital is an indefinable feeling that excites us. But, in El Colmado we did not stop there, we have never intended. We are aware that the most scandalous world problem of today is child hunger and we have opted to fight it with Spanish tapas. Thanks to the invaluable help and collaboration with the NGO Mary’s Meals, for each tapa or product you consume or buy in El Colmado, we feed four hungry children. We want to change the world, make it a better place, starting with children being able to feed themselves daily and safely. Every time you visit El Colmado, you are not only tasting the best dishes of Spanish gastronomy in Berlin, but you are also feeding children in need. At El Colmado we combat child hunger by offering Spanish tapas and that’s the main reason why we are the best Spanish restaurant in Berlin.


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